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Dec 7, 2013 12:30am PST
money in the community and boosting thekomy economy. cupÑi of okqnoodles. and basically i will be able to provide for my daughter which is very important for me.xdxdw3 having that kidÑi happy, notçó 3 "oh, mommy, can i have jfthese,r money. sure, honesÑ when it( have mone you can have anything you want.( áqat will be what i willt( do. >> that's guadalupe's statement. ron, i want to begin with you. you're the au!y?iÑi of a new ballot initiative to raisefá california's minimum wage to %ò& an hour, lower than the $15xdq t guadalupe andÑi her fellow fast food workers are asking for. what did you think of her story? >> well, i think it's a very realistic account of the day-to-day lives of so many of the low-wage workers in struggling under very difficult positions. and they don't have the dollar) to spend in our economy to revive us after this recession. >> and ken jacobs, do you think that the minimum wage should be raised to $15 an hour? what effectjf would that qhave? >> well, i think california does need a raise÷njf in the minimum wage. in fact, we will have one now going up
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)